Training Course

Himalayan Life Experience

Week-long training

Training in Himalaya, Farming- Survival-Life off the grid- baking - planting

Dates: TBA 

August, September, November


– No technical skills or past experience required !

Even though our courses might get technical on some topics, they’re made to fit beginners to enthousiasts.

– No specific physical condition required.

A good-will and positive energy will suffice to keep you healthy through the journey off-the-grid.


Course topics

– Farming

– Homesteading

– Living off-the-grid

– Survival and outdoor skills

– Traditional skills and knowledges


This seven days training is a full time experience far offthe beaten path, classes and presentations will be held in a homestead in the forest, and hands-on practices will take us from the fields to the jungle.


 ​Six days at the inn in a natural environment

– Organic Farming :

Soil preparation, Weather and Natural Cycles, Growing systems for cereals and vegetables, Harvesting and Preserving, Animal Husbandery, …

– Homesteading :

Kitchen and foods skills, Preservation and Fermentation, Bakery, Beekeeping, Arts & Crafts, Traditional tools, …

– Living Off-the-Grid : Materials handling, Ressources & Waste management, Permaculture 101, …

​One day in the jungle in a wild environment

– ABCs of Survival

– Foraging

– Basics of Fire / Water / Shelter techniques

The detailled program will be sent to participants before the training.


It will take place at Adam Tribe Mountain Inn Farm (transports are included to and from Pokhara).


Pokhara, Khare Chok, Next to German Bakery, Bhanjyang Tours & Travels


Per person 595$


  • This course includes accommodation at Adam Tribe Mountain Inn. Meals at lodge are on the package. 
  • Course group training
  • Group technical equipment
  • Group transportations


  • Personal gear 
  • Personal travel accident insurance 



After travelling and living in Iran, UK, and India, Fatima decided to settle down in Nepal. She has been living off-the-grid since five years in a traditional gurung house turned into a homestead in the jungle, near the holy peak of Panchasi.

She is passionate about all kitchen and foods skills : she cooks on fire every day the harvests of her farm, and is our expert on baking, cheese-making, pickling, and many more delicious arts of the table !

She takes care of a tribe of many animals (buffalos, goats, ducks, geese, quails, chickens, rabbits, catfishs, dogs and cats,…) and grows a secret spices & herbs garden where she finds inspiration for her cross-cultural cuisine.

Trained in the Arts in a Steiner-based educative system, she specialized in Architecture and Visuals Arts. She worked with a bronze sculpor, and also in clay sculpture and installation arts. Fatima is our speaker for activities for homestead Arts & Crafts and everything that requires an aesthetic “touch”.

Her numerous hobbies, past cuisine and cooking, include painting, horse riding, swimming, trekking, …


Rooz founded Adam Tribe, organic farm and mountain inn, five years ago. He’s been the manager since then, which includes a wide variety of jobs : building every structure from the ground using local resources, leading the team of local workers and craftmen, and everyday care to the farm and its inhabitants.

When you’ll see him milk the buffalo, you’ll have a hard time believing is has diplomas in mathematic and management, but before he chose to live in front of the Annapurna, he travelled numerous countries and had responsibilities in various businesses. He lived for years in Russia, where he organized tours for clients from all over the world. He speaks four languages and has experience is multicultural environments.

Now he made the decision to leave close to Nature, and learn the traditional way of life of the Pahari, nepali hills’ people. He can show you every part of that traditional life, from using the “assi” (grass-knife) to carrying heavy loads efficiently with a “dhoko” (the bamboo basket). He promotes this lifestyle and is now offering trainings to those who want to experience first hand the difficulties and wonders of a life off-the-grid !

When he is not busy in the fields, you might find him looking for mushrooms in the jungle, most of the time with his monkey “Buzi”, or brewing a batch of his delicious organic “raxi”, the local millet-wine.

Hamilton PEVEC

Hamilton is a filmmaker with more than ten years experience, whose documentary films examine education, environment and spirituality. He lived in many countries including Canada and USA where hegrew up, and Brazil, Portugal, Korea, Indonesia, India, … After moving to Nepal in 2011, he decided to become a farmer, and his wife Devika and him openedHimalayan Yogini Retreat, a yoga center that focuses on yoga healing and organic farming. On top of their successful business, they have been blessed this year by the arrival of a beautiful daughter, Isa Wangmo.

Himalayan Yogini Retreat is their launch pad to develop Devika’s unique yoga healing technique and Hamilton’s permaculture and biodynamic farming. He has a particular interest in mushrooms : inspired by the practical applications of the Mycelial world Hamilton both identifies and cultivates mushrooms. Between two “‘shroom hunts”, he explores all probiotic foods from Kombucha fermentations and sour doughs to pickles and beer.


After formal education in humanities (philosophy and anthropology) and in human ressources Robin hasworked in the private sector – mostly as a trainer – and in non-profit sector including five years for a famous french NGO fighting against hunger.

Robin has traveled extensively across Europe and Asia with a long-term passion for trekking. This love story starts some twenty years ago in the French Alps, to culminate today in the Himalayas… He found himself in a few survival situations, which he’ll be happy to share with you, and has taken technical trainings to help him share his knowledge of the Wild. He is also a trained Wilderness First-Aider.

His studies of religious anthropology and his quests for holy springs brought him from Mongolia to Tibet, and he spend a few years of his life with his “house” on the back ! Horse-riding, off-road jeep driving, cross-country running and long autonomous treks are the activities where he thrives. He has now been living for four years in Nepal’s country side, where he can enjoy these activities and many more outdoor adventures. He is now a survival coach and offers through one of his companies, Ze Hood, trainings for autonomous trekking, basic mountaineering skills and environmental education tours.

His hobbies include cooking (he started a nepali business, French House, to promote French-Asian fusion cuisine), all kinds of games, and the sciences of life (entomology, ornithology, herpetology, …). He says about himself that there are three things he can do under any weather : sleep, start a fire, and tell a good story. You can check him on it !


Everybody here call her “Beni”, since she arrived in Nepal in 2012. She has been working with non-profit organisations for ten years, and that is what brought her here. She founded her own NGO to help local youth groups manage their own projects and is also a consultant for international organisations. She knows that the donors and project supports coming from the West need a good understanding of local needs and cultural context for their help to be relevant, so she’s dedicated to that task. She is involved in many transcultural and multicultural programs and had been long before the earthquake of 2015 : for her the energy and relentless efforts of the civil society is no surprise.

After studies in Psychology and Education, she workedwith kids with special needs, and as an education expert. She gave hundreds of hours of trainings, and knows how to take care of children and youngs. She organize treasure hunts, and stralls in the jungle to discover himalayan wilderness with her husband Robin.

She is also trained in Ethnology and Social Anthropology, and has travelled in Central Asia for her studies on Nomadism. She is passionate about herbs and medicinal plants, loves to share her knowledge of the traditional recipes for a healthy diet, and is currently learning about Ayurvedic medicine.


Deposit and Bookings:

50% deposit required for booking.

Final amount is due 4 weeks prior to course start.

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to details outlined in our Terms and Conditions information.




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