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About Adam Tribe

Adam Tribe settled in the Himalayan hills in 2012. Adam Tribe is a registered company under Nepali law. The aim of creating Adam Tribe is to share an off the grid and sustainable lifestyle experiment. The  Adam tribe  project was built completely by hand,  as anyhow there are no roads in or out of the tiny patch of grassland upon which we sit.  The type of stay is bed & breakfast. An Adam Tribe visit takes you beyond the village culture, and into a modern Himalayan nature experience. The nearest neighbors are an hour walk down the mountain to Makanpur village.
The village is clean and also provides other local styles of accommodations at a cheaper price than that of Adam Tribe.

Services and offers
Adam Tribe offers a comfortable and authentic off-the-grid stay in the Himalayan mountains.
The Farm’s unique products combine to produce gourmet organic food. Adam Tribe can book a local English speaking guide for sight seeing in the surrounding forest and villages. Adam Tribe can also book any kind of onward ticket or transportation.
Other services: Farming Training Courses, Yoga Courses, Private Movie Nights & Games

Food and Water
Adam Tribe has a simple organic menu. This home-made, the food is cooked on an old fashioned North American wood stove which adds to the flavor. The physical exercise and fresh air may result in personal items that need to be carried up with you to the lodge.
Remember that the nearest shop that sells biscuits, is an hours walk through the forest and down the mountain. Then there is the walk back. The rice and vegetables are grown in the fields below the rooms. The ghee, milk and curd come from the buffalo or goats.  The way of feeding them organically makes the taste of the milk and cheese special. but the basis for life here is found in the mountain spring water. In Himalayan culture, water is one of the holiest nature symbols. Some local place names describe the sacred quality of water found there. Adam Tribe water comes from the inside of Mountain-Mother Himalaya.
We drink her blessing in every glass. The kitchen of the mountain Inn is there to serve you with simple nutritious home-grown food.

A visit to the Adam Tribe finds oneself focused on an incredible nature experience that surrounds the grassland. The sky, Himalayan mountains and the encircling deep green forest combine to produce a priesting setting that fills something inside. Everything about this visit places oneself in a traditionally divine nature symbolism. This can be felt in the first activity of the pilgrimage climb to the grassland upon which the Mountain Inn of the Adam Tribe, sits. There are variety of local day treks that loop back to the Adam Tribe’s Mountain Inn.
Here is also an opportunity to find an ancient nature experience with Vedic Yoga associations.
Here the forest canopy supplys a sense-experience for the self-discovery practice of “sitting in the lap of the Forest Mother”.

Getting Around
Pilgrimage to Mountain-Mother Ramchay
Looking across the valley from the Inn, the highest hilltop has a holy summit. This site is from the earliest ages in Himalayan history, and so multiple levels of experience are present. Similarly there are multiple aspects of the original divinity atop this peak. There is an element of education involved in this pilgrimage. From the Mountain Inn it is about a two hour climb to reach Ramchay. The first hour is mostly upwards on a forest buffalo trail.
The second hour has more open air hiking, following a winding grassland-edged trail. On a clear day this is a perfect setting for a picnic outing. Bring incense. At the site of Ramchay mountain’s Mother-Earth holiness, with her primal Rock-Mother near us on the summit, the view calls for a rest and relaxation to allow us to absorb her vastness and beauty attributes.
Here another Himalayan practice of self-discovery is present, named Yantra meditation. In the Vedic period Ramchay was climbed in pilgrimage for the view of Annapurna.
If you have an experienced outdoors confidence, the Mountain Inn will draw you a rough map of how to climb Ramchay. If you would feel more comfortable with a guide, the Inn will supply one. The point is that this experience contains things you can take home.
The truth is getting to Ramchay is not easy. So we suggest you to hire a guide from us to make an easy loop just in 15$.

Life with Off Grid Power
The Mountain Inn is powered by solar energy, a future for the world we can live today. This means that only in the daytime the charging of phones et., is done. Ultimately a
relationship is built with the Sun who provides the  connection to this power, at least in the terms of how much He is shining as this directly impacts the solar system. On rainy days, for example,  there will not be much power available.
It is the life that goes along with the solar power system that is inspiring. A life in nature without the noise of machinery and buses, and most certainly without the hum of deadly high tension wires.  Just being around these huge wires in the rain is dangerous. At the Mountain Inn you can walk around in the rain without danger. And if the rain is in the summer, you might even want to just stand in the rain for the warm experience.
There are lights 24 hours a day at the Mountain Inn, and charging plugs are by the rooms.
As the days pass surrounded in nature, the normal demand for electricity is less.
Just sitting and looking across the wooded valley outside the door is more relaxung than the looking at any screen. This quality of nature experience places the focus on oneself on the inside. Quite happily sitting, encircled by a green vastness, is enough for the gaze to dwell within, one day you may even forget to recharge.
Obviously some balance is required in terms of our power needs, as the present constant connection has proved annoying. At the Mountain Inn there is the possibility of experiencing a more balanced connection with modernity and the Internet.

The Exotic Shower at the Moutain Inn
After an all day bath in Mother-Nature, whether through hiking or sitting still, sometimes one’s thoughts turn to showers. And if the rain is not soon to come, there is a 10 minute hot shower available.
The cold shower is free. The exotic experience is helped by its very small size.
With natural rock all around, a sensation of being snclosed in a Rock-Mother can occur. The shower then assumes an inner and outer quality and symbolism.
The water of the shower is a Himalayan symbol of purity, coming as it does from deep within the mountains. With this quality of water washing over your body, it feels like a new life is becoming.
Given that it will be easy to lose yourself in such a circumstance, it is not to be forgotten that
soap and shampoo is provided, but no towel. Please approach the office before taking a
shower so that instructions for the use of the geezer can be given.

Yoga in Nature Experience at the Mountain Inn
Yoga practice at the Mountain Inn is experienced within the view of Annapurna, a holy Feminine symbol whose yoga practice is described in Mandala 5 Sukta 19 of the Rig Veda.
There is a living experience of  Vedic nature symbols in the local culture that fills the air. When yoga practice is begun at the Mountain Inn, this influence is obvious. For example, attempting the poses of Hatha Yoga on grass is not the same as doing them on a cement floor. Holding the Downward Dog pose on a grassland carpet,  in front of Annapurna, is exhilarating.
We can arrange a Yoga teacher for you by request. Our teachers are Nepali Yogis and they are very known teachers.
You can book a yoga teacher in 50$ per day for a person or group up to 3 people.

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