Starting a farm off the grid from the scratch isn’t easy, but it can be done.

When we started our farm, we were pretty down, but we still managed to do something everyday to get us to where we are today.

We started our farm because we wanted to produce more than we consume, live a healthier life, and feel the freedom our lifestyle afford us.

If you are dreaming of starting a farm from scratch but aren’t sure where to begin, then we are here to give you some tips to begin.

Farming is not just a hobbyIt’s a way of life

Farming is a lifestyle. It includes a lit of hard work, sweat, tears, dirt and blood. But, while it requires all that, it is also one of the most beautifully rewarding things-just seeing new life born and helping babies take their first steps is an indescribable, amazing feeling. It makes it all worth it. So, I ask you. Why do you want to become a farmer?

Yup! My dad always said that whoever said money can’t buy happiness never lived on a farm.

Why did we embrace an off-grid lifestyle?

Because we wanted less and ironically we got so much more…

When you think about off-grid-living, may be you find a mountain man living with his family in the wilderness which is right. When you live off grid sometimes you feel you are living in the wrong era and wanted to create your own era living off-grid in a modern life.

Something to keep in mind with being off-grid is you wouldn’t need give up things really – you just need to learn to be more frugal and focus more on the sun. I mean that you wash your clothing and do things that require a lot of power on sunny days, you turn the lights out when you leave a room and in general you enjoy the simplicity of life.

The farm life off the grid to most would be too much work, but to us the work is rewarding and dream come true. We live very frugally by choice and make most of what we need.

We feel very strongly that knowing traditional and primitives skills in every aspect of our lifestyle is important. We are learning new things daily by choice, i feel that when you stop learning you stop living.

I have found that the more you live the simple life as we do and the more you get comfortable with your home, surroundings and lifestyle the more you earn for even more simplicity and the deeper into the wild you wish to go … Back to the roots…

Remember that anyone can embrace such a lifestyle… It just takes heart, determination and the willingness to learn new things!

So if i can leave you with something, embrace your dreams and look to a more traditional lifestyle to move your family into the future.

Off-grid living, farming, homesteading, animal keeping, survival -Its our lifestyle!

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