Legal Statement

Adam Tribe Organic Farm and mountain inn legal statement.

The purpose of staying is trekking stop, farm training, photography, woofing, bird watching, relaxing, enjoying organic food, being with nature and refreshing soul.

By accepting this booking you testify that you, any of your family members or you’re guests will never keep Adam Tribe Organic Farm responsible and liable for any sort of injury, accident, suicide mission, death, safety and health problem whatsoever and personally take responsibility for your own decisions as well as actions.

You clearly understand that there is not any medical aid inside or even near the complex and in case of emergency I will solely stay responsible for all consequences whatsoever.

You fully understand that Adam tribe is always there for its splendid guests and visitors to provideĀ  security and safety however as Adam tribe is off grid and remote, their team can not technically and practically offer anything else apart from humanistic assistance in case of emergency!

You understand that there is not any safe box in the complex and hence I will stay responsible for any loss or theft of my belongings at all times!

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